In accordance with an agreement signed between the companies, Rapido has had the production and sales rights for all DAWON products and designs in Turkey since 2012. This cooperation has been constantly developing in the issues of design, production and sales. This synergy is also supported by Korean Government. Also, we have come to an agreement with some Italian designers in order to improve these designs further.


A cooperation protocol was signed between Bojie Furniture Limited Company and Rapido in 2015. Through this protocol, waiting units which are planned to be produced in Turkey will be designed and these products will be put on the market from Turkey to world market. It is planned to carry out this Project which is currently in Research & Development phase within 2 years. Moreover; some BONE products are produced in Rapido facilities and sold by Rapido.


Cerantola is a company which was founded in 1980 in order to produce office chairs, sections and parts in Italia. Rapido carries out the production and sales of Step model which was designed by Paolo Scagnellato and also Flex and Shell models in Turkey. Rapido has been carrying out its production with Cerantola components since 2011.


Rapido became a representative of Turkey for GORACON GSF, headquarter of which is located in Germany, as a result of an agreement which was signed in 2015. Rapido provides private solutions for conference, seminar, meeting and amphitheater halls with the help of its technical solutions and assembling services in cooperation with the headquarter office located in Germany.


Partnership of Rapido and DBK provides brand new and eye-catching solutions. Many of DBK's licensed products are produced and sold by Rapido in Turkey. Among them, DUOFLEX is an outstanding product which has a structure of double back which is licensed.


Rapido has been using the components of Ivars and Brado which are the companies of Twins Group which is a world-wide known Italian brand since approximately 10 years. Furthermore, Rapido is the only official producer of TELA chair model which is designed by Jean-Louis Iratzoki as well as WORK and Q7 chair model of Ivars company in Turkey.


In accordance with an agreement signed between the companies, Rapido has had the production and sales rights for all PATRA products and designs in Turkey since 2013.