—— from design to production



A story which begins with an empty paper turns into a comfortable work chair in an office or a comfortable sofa in a cinema hall. It's the result of an excellent teamwork of Rapido's engineering, design and production teams to manage this process in a planned and faultless way from the starting point till the end. Above all, needs are determined through the researches which are carried out by our Research & Development department. These needs are examined and finalized by the users in the meetings which are held in focus groups. Then, first sketches are created by our design team. After demo productions of the chosen designs, serial production starts for the agreed model. After that, Rapido's expert team starts working in order to be able to make production in the best way.

We are trying hard to improve this process further starting from design to production by emphasizing solution offers, alternative product options and ergonomy in order to provide 100 % customer satisfaction as well as the most appropriate products and service.