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ARTFUL MİMARLIK (Oğuz & Ece Yalım)

Ece Yalım

Ece Yalım was graduated from Department of Industrial Design in Middle East Technical University in 1988. Having completed her postgraduate studies in Department of Interior Architecture in New York Pratt Technology Institute between 1990-92, Yalım has been continuing her lectures on “Colors in Industrial Design" in the Department of Design in METU since 2004.

Having designed brochures stands of Pentagram New York, Citibank and Clarks of England in 1990, Yalım worked as an interior architect in New York project group of 'Naomi Leff and Associates Interior Design' between 1991 and 1994. Among her projects which she carried out during that period are the residences of Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise, Armani AIX, Santa Monica, Miami and Los Angeles NJ Stores.

Oğuz Yalım

Oğuz Yalım was graduated from Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design of Faculty of Fine Arts in Bilkent University in 1993. Having carried out such indoor designs as office, hotel, store, showroom, restaurant and house since 1993, Yalım have put many into practice so far. He also makes furniture, lightning and product design special for individual and space.


Claudio Bellini, who was born in 1963, lives in Milan. He was graduated from the Department of Polytechnic Architecture and Industrial Design in Milan in 1990. Then, he started to work in a series of international projects by participating in research projects in the field of industrial architecture and furniture design.

In 1998, he designed TW Collection for Frezza which is one of the timeless products in the sector in which he obtained his first official approval, became an expert in office design and awarded with many various prizes. In the following years, he participated in various architectural competitions and had the opportunity of working with many companies which put their stamps on history in the field of Italian and international design as well as interior designs of huge showrooms.

In 2006, he established the company named “Claudio Bellini Design + Design" which attracts attention with formal and technological researches through experimental approach which are carried out in his prototype laboratory in the studio. He lectured design and equipment courses in Genova Polytechnic.


Rapido Design Studio which aims at both comfort and elegance with the help of its Research & Development studies and creative designers designs its products by considering the integrity of innovative, modern and comfort.