We as management and employees of Rapido;

With our continuous improvement principal in all our activities, to decrease and prevent any possible negative impacts on the environment;

We apply our environmental policy by doing the following;

1)We obey the laws, regulations and other provisions related with the environment during our production and activities.

2)During all our activities, we prevent industrial pollution, we minimize the pollution at the source, and we give those to licensed firms for recycling.

3)We keep control over consuming natural resources (electricity, water, raw materials, fuel, etc.) and try to use the natural resources that are least harmful to the environment.

4)We give training to our staff about environment and waste management to increase awareness for environment and by this; we protect our environment and spread this principle to our entire neighborhood.

5)We take precautions against emergencies and accidents that may occur during our activities, so we can minimize the effects to the employees and the environment.


Rapido has aimed to fulfill all legal and other regulations related with occupational health and safety and to create a work safety awareness for all employees and managers.

In this direction, our targets are;

-With the aim of Zero Occupational Accident and Zero Occupational Illness, to comply with the requirements of law has defined.

-Adopt the principal that the activities to increase the Work Safety is the common responsibility of all Unit Chiefs, Worker Representatives and Employees.

-To ensure that all our employees, suppliers, subcontractors and visitors comply with the Occupational Health Safety (OHS).

-To take measures in advance to prevent occupational illnesses and work accidents that may occur in the factory.

-Follow up technological advancements on the area of Work Safety and direct our investments.

-To take precautions against risks that may occur by making Risk Analysis and Emergency Action Plan.

For the Work Safety, respectively;

-Our employees receive orientation training for the unit and the whole factory before they start to work for us.

-Employees receive Basic Occupational Health and Safety training.

-Employees receive training related with the Personal Protective Equipment

-Employees receive Fire Training and by conducting Fire Drill – Emergency Drill, the awareness of the employees for emergency cases is increased.